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South Auckland Supporting Their Muslim Community

It is extremely difficult to comprehend the events that unfolded in Christchurch on Friday 15 th March 2019, but the outpouring of support and love for the Muslim Community in New Zealand has been amazing.

A few days following the tragedy in Christchurch, Rick Pickard, General Manager of the John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation was privileged to be invited to attend the Memorial Service for the Muslim Community at Al Madinah School (New Zealand’s largest Muslim School), by the Principal Asin Ali. “Seeing the anguish on all of the children’s faces and their uncertainty, made me wonder how could we make a

difference and bring some light into their lives and a put a smile on their faces, was a question I kept asking myself”.

Following a few phone calls, a couple of emails and some shoulder tapping to the local community businesses and the not-for-profit charitable trusts based at the Momentum Hub, Vector Wero Whitewater Park the “Al Madinah Initiative Fun Package” became a reality.

“We have been blown away with the response and generosity of those approached who willingly gave either in-kind support or financial and it has shown that it is “all good in the hood”, and the people of Auckland South care deeply about their community” said Rick Pickard. All the activities are completely free of charge for Al Madinah and Brougham Buses will be taking care of all transport requirements.

The “Al Madinah Fun Filled Package” is valued at over $20k.

 Vector Wero Whitewater Park - Rafting & stand up paddle boarding (80 pupils)

 YMCA Camp Adair Hunua - Outdoor education activities (100)

 Rainbows End - All day passes (60)

 Butterfly Creek - All day education passes (70)

 Counties Manukau Sport - Have-A-Go-Day (200)

 iSport Foundation - $1500 sports balls for school

 Brougham Buses - All Transportation

On Thursday 16 May 2019 all those involved with the Al Madinah Fun Filled Package” will be having an informal get together with Al Madinah Principal Asin Ali and some of his Senior Management staff.

For further information contact any of the following:

Asin Ali, Principal Al Madinah School, 021 675 994 / 09 275 5195

David Comery, CEO, Vector Wero Whitewater Park / Second Nature Charitable Trust 09 966 1741, Rick Pickard, General Manager, John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation 027 688 9947

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